This new type mutated varied RNA Australian flu virus has been reported to have drugs as well as vaccines resistance to the WHO recommended treatments with Temiflu or even the new type of vaccines available in Australia, which is different from the ones used in HK, but will our local infection control defence be strong enough to deter the influx widespread of this Australian flu to HK in this summer? What is more worrying is the virus seems to have chance to keep gene mutation or variation alteration in terms of its RNA genetic codes sequencing after having some cross-contamination with other animals species or the other host carriers like humans. It has solid evidence to prove now even yu wear a mask will not be 100% safe to protect yourself or others from being infected as this virus will still spread alive all around ambient surroundings as long as you breathe in & out, so now even you cover your nose & mouth when you sneeze or cough with tissues, handkerchiefs or masks, sorry, still no use to cut off the infection paths, therefore, apart from close eye watch monitoring surveilance at airports & other ports, we need to prepare for the worst case scenario to finish our children's school term earlier this summer to let them enjoy a longer summer vacation in order to avoid large outbreak at schools and the communities. But do we need to ask adults to change their work pattern into home office too? Do we have enough baby sitters to look after the students & children in summer holidays? Do we need to ask for help from Margaret Chan, former WHO president, now our CPPCC, NPC HK delegate in Beijing for her professional advice to arrange precautionary prevention measures? I hope it will not turn out to be SARS return to HK again as in 2003 saga tragedy, but given our public hospitals, A&E are already so crowded & full of long queues waiting list & so many beds so close to each other without any proper infection control but just a curtain in between, there is really good reason to worry if our public hospitals right now can handle this flu peak season in this summer with sufficient confidence, maybe it's time our PLA campsites close to hospitals be used as infection control quarantine rooms if really necessary & ask for PLA medical experts to come out to help our local doctors to cure our HK patients stayed in the PLA campsites, so as to give the virus makers, most likely US CIA or UK MI6, a serious warning to get out right now!