Russia has now already revealed the dirty cunning plot of US, UK, & France to fool & lie to the world again in Syria to accuse Syrian governmnt troops used chemicals weapons against civilians as in Iraq many years before to accuse they had weapons of mass destructions. Don't trust them as we can see from the clip it is just a show prepared by the West to let you believe their story & hence trust their military actions are justified & legitimate even without passing UN resolution in the Security Council, also not getting Congress approval for endorsement & public authorization in any of these western countries. The only poor, innocent victims are the Syrian people, who are fooled & forced to co-operate with the so-called "white helmet" British financially backed up NGO, who are in fact their intelligence special force agents over there to act as spies to gather Russian troops movements in Syria. If China still believe USA will follow any so-calld international laws in dispute resolution through peaceful dialogues negotiations in Nort Korea nuclear missiles launch, nuclear testing issues in May & June, we are hopeless! Their do as I say, not as I do mentality will never change, so not just trade war should not retreat & compromise to US unreasonable demands, but Taiwan issue, South China sea issue, India-China border issue, & Korean pennisula issue must also stand firm to be tough to their illegal, uncompromising challenges. If necessary, even PLA military actions must be used to defend our sovereignty, national territorial integrity, security & safety & development interests!