Miss American contest organizer has already announced from 2019 onward, Miss USA pagent will cancel swimming wear session in the contest, but instead a gifted talent show to see who is more versatile & all-rounded with multiple intelligence & comeptence. As a public adviser in TVB Public Viewers Panel for more than two years, I think I have a say here to suggest TVB to follow Ms. US starting from next year as well, but this topic itself can be a good talking point & a debate motion for this year Miss HK, (Ms.TVB only to some people), to see who can really be the best, beat the rest, to stand out of the crowd, to think out of the box, to go beyond her comfort zones, to be so creative to suggest some new items sessions in replacement of the swimming wear session & the night gowns session, for instance, today the girls actually can use AR/VR/SR/MR to mix & match all various kinds of fashion items from hat, cap, eyeglasses, all the way down to feet, so why still insist a cat walk show as usual!? Second, modern ladies have to show their skills to get along well with their pets, & able to perform music, singing or dance together with the robot pets, real pets, little robots as well as the drones fly up high above for taking video selfie clip 360 degree spiral around themselves like a cameraman did, so Miss HK should be a combination of humans, animals, and robots to see how intelligent our Miss HK can behave herself to work together with her partners, companions doing so many different tasks under different contexts of situations, & different contexts of cultures scenarios to see who can best deliver an improvised speech, or improvisation action without any prior rehearsals at all!